Wallet total loss money by hacked is about

$ 224,456,251.43

Wallet : 11 hack event(s)

  • 2019-07-11

    Hacked target: My Dash Wallet

    Description of the event: My Dash Wallet has been embedded with a malicious script, the malicious script will upload the user's DASH currency account balance, keystore, private key, seed and other key information to https://api.dashcoinanalytics.com/stats.php.

    Amount of loss: - Attack method: Malicious Script
  • 2019-06-29

    Hacked target: PlusToken

    Description of the event: PlusToken crashes, so at present, the PlusToken wallet can only be transferred, and cannot be withdrawn.

    Amount of loss: - Attack method: Unknown
  • 2019-06-12

    Hacked target: MGC

    Description of the event: MGC wallet is exposed to carry user assets disappear, users' digital assets are aggregated to 0x4f9cxx, 0x2b29xx beginning two addresses in a short time.

    Amount of loss: - Attack method: Unknown
  • 2019-06-11

    Hacked target: TokenStore

    Description of the event: The TokenStore wallet was exposed as a "runaway", which swept away billions of investors' money, involving BTC, XRP, ETH and other mainstream currencies.

    Amount of loss: 1,000,000,000 CNY Attack method: Project disappears with user assets
  • 2019-06-01

    Hacked target: GateHub

    Description of the event: The attacker controls some of the GateHub database account API permissions, but the user's private key is secure. GateHub officials have identified 103 wallets that were compromised and a total of 18,473 accounts that may have been affected, including 5,045 with active balances.

    Amount of loss: 23,200,000 XRP Attack method: API permissions are controlled
  • 2018-12-28

    Hacked target: Electrum钱包

    Description of the event: Electrum confirmed that the attack included creating a fake version of the wallet and tricking the user into providing password information.

    Amount of loss: 250 BTC Attack method: Phishing
  • 2018-11-27

    Hacked target: BitPay Copay

    Description of the event: The third-party JavaScript library used by the application was modified to load malicious code.

    Amount of loss: - Attack method: Third-party JavaScript library has been modified
  • 2018-08-31

    Hacked target: Bitfi

    Description of the event: McAfee offered a reward, anyone who breaks their hardware wallet can get the balance in the wallet. The wallet was breached one month after the offered of the reward.

    Amount of loss: - Attack method: Unknown
  • 2018-04-25

    Hacked target: MyEtherWallet

    Description of the event: After logging in to the website for 10s, the user's wallet is emptied, the hacker hijacks the DNS server, and the user logs in to MyEtherWallet to force a redirect to the malicious website. The user was forced to redirect to a malicious website when logging in to MyEtherWallet.

    Amount of loss: ~13,000,000 USD Attack method: DNS hijacking
  • 2018-02-19

    Hacked target: Blockchain.info

    Description of the event: A hacking organization in Ukraine has stolen cryptocurrencies worth more than $50 million from the Blockchain.info by purchasing keyword advertisements related to cryptocurrencies in the Google search engine and masquerading as malicious websites of legitimate websites.

    Amount of loss: 50,000,000 USD Attack method: Phishing
  • 2018-01-13

    Hacked target: BlackWallet

    Description of the event: The creator of BlackWallet announced on Reddit an infrastructure compromise resulting in in a hacked website that attacked users who entered private keys into it. The attacker then changed the dns settings to those of its fraudulent website (which was a copy of blackwallet).

    Amount of loss: - Attack method: DNS hijacking