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The total amount of money lost by blockchain hackers is about

$ 8,445,361,708.26

Total hack events 227

  • 2019-10-12

    Hacked target: BitDice

    Description of the event: Hackers launched a "fake EOS" attack on BitDice, a guessing game, earning more than 4,000 EOS and transferring it to EXMO, ChangeNOW and other exchanges.

    Amount of loss: 4,000 EOS Attack method: Fake EOS token attack

  • 2019-10-11

    Hacked target: Safuwallet

    Description of the event: Safuwallet, It has stolen already lots of funds by injecting malicious code.

    Amount of loss: - Attack method: Unknown

  • 2019-09-28

    Hacked target: Fusion

    Description of the event: The attack on fusion wallet resulted in the theft of 10 million main net FSN and 3.5 million erc20 FSN tokens, worth approximately $5.57 million.

    Amount of loss: 10,000,000 FSN + 3,500,000 ERC20 FSN Attack method: Unknown

  • 2019-09-02

    Hacked target: skreosladder

    Description of the event: "skreosladder" has been attacked again by hackers, who have earned thousands of EOS. The hacker has attacked the game several times and has been blacklisted by the project side, but the hacker still used the trumpet to circumvent the restrictions.

    Amount of loss: - Attack method: Unknown

  • 2019-08-17

    Hacked target: CoinTiger

    Description of the event: Cold wallets stolen from the CoinTiger exchange, 400 million PTT's in the wallet disappeared.

    Amount of loss: 401,981,748 PTT Attack method: Unknown

  • No hack events in this month

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